Burglar Alarms

We understand that it is important to you to know that your loved ones and home are always safe, regardless of whether you're spending time at home or whether you're away on vacation or at work on a daily basis.

Our range of sophisticated intrusion detection systems will step right in to take care of your security needs. Our burglar alarms work round the clock, 24 hours a day, and allow you to monitor your home from a range of devices including your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

StackHomes can help you prevent any kind of unauthorised access to your precious home by providing a range of 24x7 intruder alarms to protect the premises.

Every home has unique needs and we understand this. Which is why each of our burglar alarm systems is uniquely tailored to address individual needs. We offer sophisticated features including magnet contacts, vibration and movement detection, window sensors, door sensors, glass break detectors, smoke and temperature detectors and more.

Our range of burglar alarms, all with internet-based monitoring capabilities, includes:

  • Basic intruder alarms - Offer 24x7 monitored protection, anti-mask detection devices, free security consultation, GPRS and IP signalling options, installation and maintenance by our highly trained engineers and technicians etc.
  • Wireless intruder alarms - Offers 24x7 monitored protection, simple installation and setup, free security consultation, GPRS and IP signalling options etc.
  • Intruder alarms with visual verification - Offers 24x7 monitoring, simple installation, visual confirmation of identities, battery powered, free security consultation, installation and maintenance by our highly trained engineers and technicians etc.

And don't worry about your little children or pets setting off the alarms by mistake. Our burglar alarm sensors are kid and pet friendly so you'll never get a false alarm!

Feel completely safe and secure. Whatever the situation, we'll have you covered. Just contact us today to find out about the perfect intruder detection home security system for you today. Prices on request.