Home Safes

Home Security

Keeping your valuables and important documents safe in your own house is becoming more difficult by the day. There is always the threat of a burglar breaking in or an unscrupulous maid with 'sticky fingers'!

Safes are a fantastic way to ensure that your precious items and important documents are secure.

Now you can rest quite easy knowing that your valuables are safely tucked away in our range of home safes and lockers. Each safe has its own unique that cannot be duplicated and has no duplicate to begin with, so you can rest assured that the only individual with access to the safe of your choosing is the person with the unique key.

We can provide both electronic and mechanical safes depending on your need. You needn't worry about damage to your valuables as we have a range of fireproof and all-weather safes that will shield your valuables from any kind of danger.

We offer safes of different sizes and dimensions so that you can pick one or more according to your need. For valuables, there are more heavy-duty safes, while if you want to lock away small items or petty cash on a day-to-day basis, we offer smaller cash boxes.

Contact us today to find out about our range of safes and secure cash boxes for your home. Prices on request.