Surveillance Solutions

Surveillance Solutions

Gone are the days when a friendly old watchman was enough to keep an eye on things and guard your home against intruders. With crime on the rise, the need of the hour is smart surveillance systems.

Protect what matters the most to you with our sophisticated 24-hour CCTV surveillance solutions. Depending on your requirements, we can design, install and maintain a surveillance system to meet your home security needs.

A good system design is important to ensure that your CCTV surveillance system is effective and prepped to handle any kind of situation. Our highly qualified engineers and technicians will study your individual needs and provide highly effective suggestions about crucial design aspects such as the strategic placement and location of cameras, the kind of recording equipment required in order to capture good quality images, the amount of storage space you will require, changes in ambient lighting and other inputs.

Our state-of-the-art surveillance solutions include:

  • CCTV systems - Day-night imagery technology, digital video recorders, choice of cameras, mobile connectivity, installation and maintenance by qualified technicians, free consultation
  • IP systems - A range of hi-def or megapixel solutions, mobile connectivity, great image quality, installation and maintenance by qualified technicians, integration of existing analogue cameras, free consultation

With live video and video monitoring solutions, you will rest easy knowing that you can be instantly notified in case of an emergency.

Contact us today for a free security consultation and let us help you find the perfect surveillance system for your home. Prices on request.